Bad audio? We've got you covered.

we are a small, local company here in the san francisco bay area. we believe in supporting our friends bands and showing up to their show, even if we are the only people in the audience. this company started as a hobby; an occasional favor, that turned into a fully fledged business. thankfully these days, we have a whole team of engineers we've brought on board to help you with your projects.

our facilities

mixing & mastering

we employ state of the art techniques to turn your original audio it into high fidelity, radio ready compositions. when doing so, it's our responsibility to use the newest in hardware and software to get the best shot at bringing your projects to life.


we can take your raw guitar, synths, bass audio, and recapture it running through our in studio tube amplifiers to give them a warmer, richer sound.

audio de-noising

hissing pickups? bad microphone? trying to salvage a recording of a loved one? we offer the newest in digital audio de-noising to remove any unwanted hiss or static in your audio.

voiceover editing

whether you're a voice actor, a podcaster, or a content creator- we can take your voiceover work, and transform it from raw soundbites into a lush, robust, and professional sound.

hire us

we are currently taking on clients for winter. fill out a formal request and we will write back promptly.